The best year ever and a catalyst for many more beautiful things to come next year. The Bitcoin price soared to an “all time high” and in its wake, the many “altcoins”, many big and established ones got in and several big projects, such as Ethereum, are about to launch big breakthroughs. Next year also promises to be a year like never before. In this blog the 5 most important developments that I am looking forward to.

Let’s look back first

Even though it is often said that a day in the crypto world is a year in a human life, the predictions I made in the past year have all come true. The halving, the halving of the pay of the miners of the Bitcoin blockchain network, would not itself lead to large price gains in May, but afterwards. We saw the Bitcoin price dip below $ 4,000 in March and as the year progressed, the price continued to rise, eventually surpassing the old record of nearly $ 20,000. The various crypto startups are also expected to have worked hard over the past year and come with big revelations every week. The use of cryptocurrencies has increased exponentially worldwide with more than 100 million users and at one point last year 25,000 Bitcoin wallets (digital wallets) were created in 1 hour. Even though there is no telling what the “mother of all coins” Bitcoin will do in terms of price; predictions range from $ 0 to $ 1 million, fueling the massive wall of money being created by governments worldwide to combat the corona crisis, the move of many investors to cryptocurrencies. …


Jan Scheele

CEO @ Blockchain Industry / Serial Entrepreneur / Digital Leader & Global Shaper @ World Economic Forum / Organiser 50 TEDx events globally / Author ‘ExciTED’

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